Blendz Art: Elegant in Form and Aesthetic

Single wall art sapphire coarse   wall art 478 coarse   wall art 488 bamboo
Single Piece   3-Piece Vertical   3-Piece Grid
3-Piece Square wall art 488 bamboo   4-Piece Square Wall Art 429 Clouds   wall art 425 smooth
3-Piece Squares   4-Piece Squares   5-Piece Vertical
wall art 442 bamboo      
Large Installations   Mondrian    

The beauty of Blendz Art is only upstaged by its versatility. We offer several layouts to complement the mood you desire your interiors to reflect, plus large formats for expansive spaces. Ready to hang, Blendz Art is available in over 20 different colorways ranging from subtle to vibrant that not only decorate walls, but also satisfy individual taste.